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We take a holistic approach to tackling your business’s
unique merchandising challenges. Here is a selection of the
services that we can offer you.

We harmonise collaboration across your business, creating a healthy ecosystem capable of planning, developing and delivering a product collection that not only meets but exceeds market and consumer demands.

  • Strategic collection developmentWe work across your business’s functions to develop a streamlined product assortment that meets your customers’ demands. This includes bridging the communication divide between your creative and commercial teams and aligning them around a shared goal. We empower teams across your business to make informed decisions that answer retail and wholesale needs by ensuring designers are informed of market trends, creating cross-functional feedback loops.
We work closely with your creative teams throughout the development process on everything from sketches to raw materials and prototypes.
  • Trend & competitor research We predict future demand by conducting thorough market research into competitor offers and analysing the trends shaping runway and street fashion, industry innovations and societal shifts. We go further, gathering detailed data on changing customer preferences, spending patterns and regional shopping habits, ensuring your collections are tailored to meet local demands and align with the desired brand positioning.
  • Range planWe provide your creative teams with a collection brief informed by quantitative and qualitative analysis of your ideal collection size and structure. By considering the ideal split between categories, subcategories and seasonal status, we help you reach maximum collection efficiency,
  • Collection editingWe identify redundancies in your product assortments and simplify your collection’s architecture prior to presenting it to buyers. This leaner, more customer-centric collection will enable you to reach expected production minimums and avoid product cancellations, supporting a smooth delivery to market.
  • Delivery planningPerfect your collection’s time-to-market by optimising your critical path and delivery plans. By retro-planning drops, implementing multi-lane calendars and shortening concept-to-consumer lead times, we help you gain a competitive edge.

We advise on collection selection, buying and allocation, considering local specificities.

  • BuyingWe build a personalised and compelling product assortment that reflects your creative vision while meeting customers’ local preferences.
  • Product allocationWe allocate your newly-created product assortment across distribution channels, regions and stores, using past and forecasted performance data to ensure the right split and allocation to maximise sales potential.
  • Delivery monitoringWe liaise with production and supply chain teams to monitor the planned arrival of the new products in-store. By defining alternative strategies for reaching sales targets, we ensure you’re ready to act if delays occur and products are missing.
  • Inventory managementWe help you achieve higher sell-through rates with inventory management, including stock rebalancing based on sales analysis.
  • In-store interactionsWe build trust with local store managers, working to understand their needs and establish feedback loops through in-person visits and consistent communication. By gathering qualitative insights to contextualise sales trend data by market, we can better understand local needs.

We dive into the numbers, analysing your sales data, reporting on market insights and producing forecasts to help you move away from guesswork and towards data-driven decisions.

  • Pricing definitionWe make your product offer more coherent by creating a strong pricing strategy, considering your brand’s desired positioning and competitors’ pricing. This comprehensive process includes identifying inaccuracies in your product pricing definitions and tactical consideration of your clients’ collection navigation and customer experience. We help you reach your profit margin targets by creating a value-for-money pricing architecture.
  • Seasonal OTB planningWe break down your expected sales by product category, subcategory and seasonal status to define your B2C open-to-buy and B2B sell-in targets. We align these targets with the goals you have defined in your three-year business plan. 
  • Pre-order managementWe improve time-to-market by implementing smart pre-booking strategies and optimising capacity forecasts. By partnering with production, we enhance delivery reliability and proactively manage capacity and prevent bottlenecks.
  • Data analysisWe analyse your brand’s historical sales performance to inform strategic merchandising decisions and work towards maximum collection efficiency. We create tailored sales reports to support the early identification of patterns, helping inform collection restructuring.
  • NOOS programmesWe create never-out-of-stock programmes for your best-selling products, ensuring they are automatically replenished based on predetermined coverage mapping.

Client success

It's a pleasure to work with Saithia on the merchandising side. I haven't met anyone with more knowledge and experience than them in the field. Saithia has helped us grasp the importance of strategically merchandising our collections, which has rapidly resulted in increased sales. Saithia also understands the significance of combining creativity and business by effectively communicating with the design and commercial teams.

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Richardos Klarén


Saithia is one of a kind! Their unique approach to merchandising is revolutionary. The ability to maneuver between commercial tactics and subjective creativity is an outstanding skill that Saithia holds. What makes them truly unique is their effort to understand the design team's creative vision and help us translate it into commercial impact. Saithia also helped us improve our collection efficiency with attention to global vs. local specifics. We are looking forward with excitement to continue developing the BY FAR story hand in hand with Saithia's disruptive yet subtle approach.

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Sabina Gyosheva


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