Our mission

We're here to help you turn creativity into profit
with a design-conscious approach to
fashion merchandising.

Saithia is a solution-focused consulting agency specialising in helping fashion brands enhance their approach to merchandising.

Our founder and CEO, Luigi Bernasconi, spent over 15 years contributing to the success of many luxury brands as a merchandising specialist, including Bottega Veneta, Prada and Burberry. Luigi founded Saithia because he felt he could make a greater impact by working with up-and-coming brands to strengthen their merchandising strategies.

For many years, I've practised connecting my creative
right brain with my analytical left brain, allowing me
to help businesses enhance their creativity while
implementing profitable business solutions.

Luigi Bernasconi,
Founder & CEO


Founded in 2021 in Switzerland, Saithia offers the CEOs and Creative Directors of global businesses a tactical approach to merchandising that reduces the cost of development, increases sales and improves collection efficiency.

Named for the Scythians — a nomadic people known for their fierce military tactics and jewellery-making skills — Saithia represents our tactical yet design-conscious approach to fashion merchandising consulting.

Our values


Always live courageously


Have an insatiable curiosity


Act with authenticity


Be collaborative


Speak with passion


Take pride in uniqueness

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