Enhance collection efficiency
with proven fashion
merchandising tactics

Optimise your product assortments,
reduce development costs and improve collaboration
between your creative and commercial teams.




customer needs




Capitalise on

Is indecisiveness
stopping your

In the world of fashion, standards are uncompromising. If you want your product collections to meet market expectations, you must balance creative experimentation with strategic decision-making.

But this is impossible when collaboration between your creative design and numbers-focused sales teams has broken down.

A lack of cohesion and understanding can lead to indecisiveness during development, with product collections missing the mark. This can ultimately cost your brand its income and reputation.

If you relate to these challenges, you might be experiencing some (or all) of these issues:

  • Uncoordinated, siloed teams
  • Unsustainable overdevelopment
  • Unbalanced collections
  • Unclear brand positioning
  • Dissatisfied customers

We're here to help you say goodbye to development inefficiencies and hello to optimised product assortments.

We understand how frustrating it is
to underperform despite your
company's potential.

You deserve to harness your
team's full power and get the
most out of your collections.

We have the fashion, business and
tactical know-how to turn your
merchandising approach around.

Saithia brings over 15 years of experience contributing to the
commercial success of several leading fashion brands with
best-in-class merchandising support. By taking a tactical
approach to implementing best practices, leveraging our
experience to engage your sales and design teams, and
sharing our objective perspective, we can reduce your
development costs
by up to 15% and increase your profits.

Trusted by fashion brands

Create a successful customer-
centric product offer

If you want to meet market expectations and increase your profit margins, you
need our five-pronged approach to fashion merchandising that provides you
with an unbiased perspective.



Identify product opportunities through trend and sales analysis



Package market needs and share requests with designers using the right terminology



Guide creative teams through collection development to deliver the most efficient collection to customers



Suggest the best price and time-to-market for each product



Budget, select and buy the best assortment for the brand's network of stores

Together, we create an informed plan for getting customers the right products, at the right price, at the right time, in the right location, and in the right quantities

What we do

Your roadmap to
collection efficiency

We deliver valuable insights and actionable
plans in weeks, not years.


your challenges

You schedule a diagnosis call
where we dig into your brand's
story and shine a spotlight on
your challenges.


your strategy

We create a customised plan of
action based on market and
sales insights, reviewing your
merchandising processes, team
structure, product assortment
and more.


your business

We execute the plan together,
allowing you to gain collection
efficiency, delight customers
and grow your business.

to you

Fashion merchandising can be mystifying, time-consuming and costly.

But it doesn't have to be. Saithia helps you regain control with:

Specialised fashion merchandising consultation that
offers a cost-effective alternative to hiring
permanent support

A solution-focused approach that expedites delivery
timelines by bypassing internal operational and
administrative obstacles

A tactical mindset that ensures all recommendations are
feasible, implementable and sustainable

Human-led collaboration that engages with the CEO and
all relevant internal teams to help the business achieve its
full potential

Stop the guesswork
and start making informed
merchandising decisions today.

With a tailored plan of action and implementation support,
you can transform your underperforming fashion brand into a market leader.

Client success

It's a pleasure to work with Saithia on the merchandising side. I haven't met anyone with more knowledge and experience than them in the field. Saithia has helped us grasp the importance of strategically merchandising our collections, which has rapidly resulted in increased sales. Saithia also understands the significance of combining creativity and business by effectively communicating with the design and commercial teams.

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Richardos Klarén


Saithia is one of a kind! Their unique approach to merchandising is revolutionary. The ability to maneuver between commercial tactics and subjective creativity is an outstanding skill that Saithia holds. What makes them truly unique is their effort to understand the design team's creative vision and help us translate it into commercial impact. Saithia also helped us improve our collection efficiency with attention to global vs. local specifics. We are looking forward with excitement to continue developing the BY FAR story hand in hand with Saithia's disruptive yet subtle approach.

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Sabina Gyosheva


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